The Sisters of the Order Our Lady of Charity were founded by San Juan Eudes in the XVIIth century in Caen France, on November 14, 1601.

On February 16th, 1900, arrived in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, 5 Sisters from Toronto, Canada, answering to a request from the Bishop Jose Maria de Jesus Portugal de Serratos. The Sisters started their mission helping the needy, by assisting a group of young girls and other youngsters. To this day, they are still working towards the wellbeing of children and youngsters.

Our reason to be, as Sisters of the Order of our Lady of Charity, is to support and promote battered women who have been victims of sexual abuse, family violence, mistreating, family disintegration and threats to their personal integrity and safety.
Founding of the Eudes Home in Tijuana

On March 19, 1975, arrived in Tijuana from Mexico City, four Sisters of Charity, and the Provincial Superior, Sister Ana Maria Jimenez Almaraz, by request of the Bishop Juan Jesus Posadas, father Alberto Moreno and a group of distinguished ladies of this city headed by Mrs. Aurorita Rosa de Arnaiz and Mrs. Graciela Aldrete, amongst others, to take charge of a group of youngsters and adolescents from the Municipal Jail on 8th Street in this City.

When the Provincial Superior and the sisters visited the Juvenile Detention facility, and the North Area of the city of Tijuana, they realized the human and spiritual misery suffered by these girls. The sisters could not close their hearts to these hard life conditions. The Sisters had another meeting with the Bishop, Father Moreno and the group of Tijuana Ladies, to tell them about the need to open a home in Tijuana.

• Building a Church near the Sisters’ home.
• Building a home for at least 30 girls and young women
• Building a house for 4 Sisters
• Incorporate a commission that would oversee all construction and the operation of the Home.

There was so much interest for all this, that all funds were quickly gathered. Father Moreno requested from Mr.. Mauricio Magallon a piece of land which he generously gave for the construction of the Church and the Home.

The Commission was immediately constituted and Mrs. Aurora de Arnaiz was appointed President and she was in that position for 33 years, starting on 1973, until she died on June 13, 2006, when she handed down her mission to her granddaughters Zaira Arnaiz de Ahuage, Sandra Arnaiz de Tessada and Sofia Arnaiz. The Committee was approved by Public Welfare, and started seeking funds for the construction of the Church and the Home, which was built by the Mexican Army, who worked on Sundays. During the following two and a half years, the Ladies of the Committee would feed the soldiers, and on March 19th 1975, the Home was inaugurated by the Governor Milton Castellanos Everardo.

Since 1975, more than 3000 young girls have lived in this Home known as “Casa Eudes”. All these girls are from the poorest sections of our country and also form the US and Central and South America.

This Home was founded 34 years ago with the idea of helping with the solution of an important social problem, specially prevalent today when a ever growing number of young women face serious psycho-socio-emotional problems, added to their very little or non existent education, and also with the lack of resources or work. These girls seek a place in society and that place is systematically and brutally denied to them.

With the purpose of helping the harmonic development of these young girls, as well as helping them to overcome their many problems, some new strategies and religious education have been developed along with a vocational center that trains them in several areas such as: English, computers, accounting, thus giving the abilities and elements that will supporting their personal growth.

A multi-discipline team formed by Sister and professional people is in charge of promoting personal growth, medical, psychological, spiritual and recreational attention and support, both the individual and the group, always assuring that this is the most adequate care for the problems of each girl.

The Home is supported by the generosity of persons such as the Arnaiz family and the San Diego Mission Circle who help on a monthly basis to keep Casa Eudes functioning.

The Sisters of Charity are presently in ten countries. In Mexico they are in Mexico City with two Homes, Acapulco, Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Mante, Ciudad Juarez, Coatzacoalcos, Saltillo and Tijuana.

Currently the Tijuana Home has 40 girls of limited resources, who range from 4 to 18 years old, giving them an integral, academic and religious formation according to their capabilities. All of them are in elementary, intermediate and high school. Some of them study at the University whilst others study to be beauticians.

Several of these girls and adolescents arrived at Casa Eudes sent by DIF, the DA’s office, the Justice Department or a priest, and in some cases they arrived by themselves convinced that our Home will give them the human, spiritual and academic formation.